I observe, and so I write; and some of the writing (mostly poetry) shows up here.

The name of the blog has to do with the mystery of personhood. I am a being with a rational soul, and you (just such a creature yourself) can call me by my name. But to each of us, the other is part of a sentence structure: vocative at best, perhaps an indirect object on an unlucky day. I can’t communicate the mystery of myself fully to you, nor you, to me. Yet far from this being a fact over which to despair, it is the beautiful and ongoing conundrum in which we find ourselves. Mysteries aren’t empirical riddles to solve and then put away; mysteries are truly mysterious when they can be explored forever. We were created to discover and be discovered, and we can, for our whole lives.

I grew up on a desert basin but have lived in Nashville, Tennessee since 2002. “Why Nashville?” some people ask. Here’s something of an answer.


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